A Few Words About Us

Ace Gadget Store.. since 2012 online seller we sold morethan 5000 units and 500 shipment..


•Desktop •Laptops Apple Products •CCTVs  •Orig Cellphones •Accessories

•all Gadgets.

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– 09475654887

  • Cheap Prices

    All we sell laptop is brand new yet at a very low prices
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  • Quality Product and Service

    All of our Laptop has a warranty and very responsive to customer concern
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  • The Fast and Active

    We do customer support as much as possible.
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Our Skills

Teamwork:Negotiation and persuasion This is about being able to set out what you want to achieve and how, but also being able to understand where the other person is coming from so that you can both get what you want or need and feel positive about it.

Communication: This covers verbal and written communication, and listening. It’s about being clear, concise and focused; being able to tailor your message for the audience and listening to the views of others.

Active TIme100%
Deliver on Time96%
Availability of all Gadget90%