Do you want to secure your home, office, or business establishment? CCTV is fit for you! 

There are many benefits of installing CCTV in your place. First, the presence of CCTV threatens thieves from stealing, thereby you will feel safer and protected. Second, if you have a business establishment and have employees, you can track what they are doing at the office even when you’re staying at home. That’s the advantage of our CCTV’s, you can follow real time CCTV video as long as you have internet connection. 

So what are you waiting for? Contact Ace Gadget Store and they will install your CCTV now! 

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In order for the Ace Gadget Store team to detect where to install, customer must give full address of the house or establishment to be installed with CCTV. Information shall include House Number, Street, Barangay, Town/City, Province, Region. It is suggested to provide specific instructions on how the team will get there.
CCTV’s vary in type of lens, number of megapixels and design, the customer must choose a type of CCTV among a wide variety of choices that will be installed. Customer should also note that price differs for every type of camera.
Aside from CCTV type, the customer must also inform the quantity of CCTV’s to be installed. The installation fee depends also on this factor, so it is necessary to pinpoint how many CCTV is needed.
In this section, it is expected that the team will arrive at the prescribed destination and shall start the installation  process. The installment duration depends on the how near the location is, how many CCTV, what types of CCTV’s, the architecture of the building, wiring and transportation of the Ace Gadget team. However, we assure you that our team responds quickly to finish the task as fast as we can.
If you have further questions regarding the operation of the CCTV, on how to review, the do’s and don’t’s on an owner or even problems that occur, feel free to ask us through call or message in Ace Gadget Store official website.