J.A.G.S. Warranty Policy

A. Terms and Conditions.

                    A.1 The Ace Gadget warranty policy does not apply to any product or part thereof which has been damaged through electrical voltage fluctuation, improper installation, misuse,                       alteration, attempts of repair, neglect, accident, removal/ defacement of factory seals or serial numbers, damages from fire, flood, wind or water and any other acts of nature cause.

                    A.2 Items purchased for replacement due to considered factory defects must be return within 7 days. Returned items must be complete with box and accessories.

                    A.3 The Loss of Receipts (purchase receipt; warranty slips; warranty cards) when claiming warranty is voided.

                    A.4 Warranty is applicable to the original person who purchased the unit.

                    A.5 Computers/ Laptops warranty policy is not applicable to software or virus problems.

                    A.6 Ace Gadget is not liable for any loss of program or data stored on the hard disk drives (HDD). Rather, it is the customer/client’s responsibility to save (on blank disc, usb,                    &nbsp external storage’s) for back-up prior to a request of warranty.

                    A.7Products purchased from Ace Gadget honors all manufacturers’ warranty.

                    A.8 However, any damages caused by the upgraded equipment, or damages incurred during the removal of the old hardware or installations of the new hardware are not covered,                    nor are the upgraded hardware covered by Ace Gadget warranty.

                    A.9 Altered stickers on the unit voids all its warranty right away.

                    A.10 All daily deliveries are subject to 24-hour notice for after it will be considered received in complete package (including add-ons and freebies)

                    A.11 Orders via shipment and COD(Cash on Delivery) starts the 24-hour notice upon receiving the unit.

                    A.12The unit is the only covered for warranty; the accessories such as batteries, charger or cords are not covered on the warranty.

                    A.13The items purchase labeled as Pre-loved/Slightly use/Second Hand products have a 7-day limited warranty and three (3) months service warranty.

                    B. Warranty: Returns and Limitations

                    B.1 NO RECEIPTS NO EXCHANGE neither WARRANTIES.

                    B.2 Sales returns are allowed only at our HEAD OFFICE.

                    B.3 ORIGINAL receipt is needed to process any sales return transactions.

                    B.4 NO CASH REFUND. Credit Note with a validity of Three (3) months will be issued for returned products in cases where the customer’s choice of replacement item(s) is not                    &nbspavailable. Credit note can only be used in the same branch where it was issued.

                    B.5 In the event that the customer fails to read the item’s full description or specification prior to purchase is not a valid warranty claim.

                    B.6 The exchange of purchased items (diagnosed that the unit has factory defects) will be allowed within 7 days from the date of Purchase (e.g. items purchased on Jan. 1 will be                    permitted to be exchanged in full purchase value to another item until Jan. 7) Note: 7days policy only no exemptions in any way.

                    B.7 In the event of a sudden price drop or price hike within the seven-day exchange period, the returned item will be valued at the original listed price or purchase price.

                    B.8 New items undeclared within 7 days will no longer eligible for replacement rather, will automatically fall on a one (1) year shop warranty period.

                    B.9 Ace Gadget Store honors manufacturer’s warranty on the items that holds manufacturer warranties.

                    B.10 Items without manufacturer’s warranty will be subject to one (1) year service warranty under Ace Gadget Store.

                    B.11 Ace Gadget one (1) year warranty period covers free services/labor only; (parts will have to pay by the buyer) on new items that do not have manufacturer’s warranty unless it                    has an Ace Gadget Care purchased along with the unit during point of sale.

                    B.12 Ace Gadget Care offers to be purchase only during point of sale. And this gives the unit to be eligible for one (1) year warranty on parts and labor. This is offered only to new                    items.

                    B.13 Sudden change of mind (the unit does not have any defect) is not covered on warranties.

                    B.14 Only the items with complete boxes, CD, drivers, and Manuals in pristine condition will be accepted for exchange. Consumer Items such as tablets, Digital cameras, Cellular                    Phones, headsets will only be permitted for return if the original packaging (e.g. Shrink wrap/ blister pack) has not been opened and the device has not been used. Consumable                    items such as cartridges ribbons, etc. that has been opened will not be honored for return. Software is not allowed for sales return.

                    B.15 Consumer pays shipping costs to send the product in for service.

                    B. 16 Items unclaimed after 60 days of notification will be subject for disposal of Ace Gadget Store discretion to cover the costs it causes.

                    B.17 Items are subject to storage fee of P100.00/day after 48 hours or 2 days after notification.

                    B.18 Exchange of item to another type, color or size is allowed; and subject to standard provisions on consumer protection and product warranty. Please present your tape receipt.

                    B.19 Ace Gadget reserves the rights to decline any returns when deemed necessary.

                    C. Procedure in claiming the warranty:

                    C.1 Bring the defective unit to our Head Office.

                    C.2 Present your proof of purchase agreement together with the defective item(s).

                    C.3 Kindly prints and submits a copy of this warranty.

                    C.4 Kindly fill-out the ACTS (Authorization in Claiming Technical Services) form.

                    C.5 The item(s) you purchased from us are the only covered in the warranty, accessories of the defective item(s) (i.e. mouse, mouse cord, cable, wires) are not included.

                    C.6 Buyers will be notified and be updated for the unit’s status via text, call or email.

                    D. Voiding of Warranty

                    D.1 Should there be any form of modification on the original status of the products even if you are doing it only for upgrade purposes voids the warranty.

                    D.2 Torn sticker of warranty or seals automatically voids the warranty.

                    D.3 Any form of harassment by words or actions, defamatory words, reserves Ace Gadget the discretion to void the warranty at all times.

                    E. Shipping Costs and Others

                    E.1The Customer will have to pay for the costs of shipments and packaging during warranty/ replacement claims (sending the unit and shipping it back after repair or warranty                    &nbsp claimed).

                    E.2 In order for the unit to be shipped back to buyer after the warranty the buyer needs to present proof of payment for shipping back of their unit.

                    E.3 In the event the unit incurs charges such as storages fees, these needs to be settled also.