(47CM x 38CM X 18CM)
(Color Obsidian Black)

Material : Ballistic Nylon Waterproof
Type: Softback
Capacity: 20-30L
Elegant over you Back
Pockets 7, laptop 12,13,14,15.6inch compatible
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If you want to get an interesting accessory that has gamer attributes,
then the backpack Fantech Gaming Backpack BG-02 is ideal for you.
It has a stylish and attractive design, executed in a sporty style.
In the visible part of the backpack is the company logo of the company Fantech,
and its general style combines the characteristic colors of the company. The model has 4 volume regulators,
which allow both to expand and reduce its capacity.
The main material that was used in sewing this backpack is a ballistic waterproof nylon fabric,
so the accessory has high strength and is practically not rubbed.

The internal design of Fantech Gaming Backpack GB983 is also made in the corporate style,
but unlike the exterior, the red color is more common. Users are available one large department,
in which you can put any things. Also there are a lot of pockets with zippers, conveniently located around the backpack.

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