Fantech HG14


Fantech Captain 7.1 HG14 Gaming Headset GEAR


Product Information:
1. Full-Size 7.1 Over-ear Gaming Headphones
2. Channel : True 7.1 (SSS Chipset)
3. LED: Red Illumination
4. Plug type: USB Plug + Remote
5. Driver size: Φ50 mm
6. Cable Length: 2.4m Plastic cable
7 Weight: 415gr (635gr with packing)
8. Freq. range: 20-20K Hz
9. Speaker Sensitivity: 110+/-3dB
10. Microphone Sensitivity: 58+/-3dB
11. Microphone LED : Blue Illumination
12. Impedance: 32Ω+/-16%
13. Directivity : Omni directial
14. Maximum power: 100mW
15. Size: 250*220*120mm

Fantech Captain 7.1 HG14 – brand new gaming headphones ,
equipped with a beautiful design and excellent technical characteristics.
This model is included in a new series of sets from the Hong Kong company Fantech,
so it has a lot of interesting technical solutions. First of all,
I want to note the full support for 7.1 sound systems.
Thanks to this Captain HG14 can be synchronized with other audio devices.
The model has an original design, executed in a neat and laconic style, supplemented by a bright backlight.
The backlight elements are installed both on the microphone and on the headphone body itself.
The microphone has a red LED backlight, on the back of the speakers also has a red backlight.

The operating frequency of the gaming headset ranges from 20 to 20,000 Hz, and the sensitivity of the membrane is 110 dB.
The overall design of the gadget is very flexible, so you can not be afraid that the device will be damaged when dropped.
Thanks to the soft ear cushions and elastic lining, the headset is very comfortable sitting on the head.
Captain 7.1 HG14 includes a special utility with which you can adjust the basic sound characteristics of the gaming headset.

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Whats in the box?

1 x Fantech HG14
1 x Box
1 x Manual


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